Monday, August 27, 2007

Linky Love

I ran across some yummy sounding recipes and thought I would link them here for all of you. I hope they are as good as they sound. I am making the lasagne tomorrow. It looks so simple.

Pioneer Woman's Lasagne...I probably won't cook my noodles because I will prepare it in the morning and bake at night. I like her picture by picture recipe format.

A Chelsea Morning's Breakfast Burritos...I probably wouldn't make as many as she does, but she says they freeze great. So why not? They sound yummy!

Mexican Bubble Pizza (a Sonja recommended try). I can't wait to try this. She says her boys eat it up.


Sparky said...

Oh my word - I'm going to get fired. I just lost myself in the Pioneer Woman Cook's blog site. I love how she takes pictures of every single step. I'm definitely heading back there after hours to get some recipe ideas. Janelle - you'll have to tell us how the Lasagna turns out. It looks wonderful!

Janelle said...

Lasagne....totally worth it!

I was a little leary of the hot sausage, but it provides the perfect hint of flavor for the meat. Little background heat. I like that. If you don't, just use hamburger.

I also did not cook my noodles. WOW! What a time saver. It totally works. I think it had more flavor because the noodles absorbed the meat liquid instead of water.

All in all, I rate this a thumbs up, or 5 stars, or 10 out of 10.

Sparky said...

So glad you gave it a whirl. When my kitchen is up and functional - I'm making that recipe!

Raquel said...

yummmy!!!!! these all look good