Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chicken Roll-Ups

This is from my great friend, MK. I am making it for dinner right now.

2-3 chicken breasts
1 small can of sour cream (I forgot the sour cream today and you could not tell a difference in the taste)
2 cans of cream of chicken soup-I like 1 can of cream of chicken and one can of cream of celery
2 cans of croissant rolls

Boil 2-3 chicken breasts; save broth

Shred chicken in a mixing bowl and add almost an entire jar of sour cream and one can of Cream of chicken or celery soup. Mix well and add salt and pepper to taste.

In a 9x13 dish (sprayed with Pam), put a spoonful of the chicken mixture in the middle of a croissant and roll it up. Place the rolled up croissants in the dish side by side until the dish is filled.

Mix the other can of soup with some chicken broth to make a thin gravy. Pour the gravy on top of the rolls and then bake at 350 until golden brown. Usually 30-45 minutes.

Serve with salad or veggies.

This is a huge favorite at our house. If I remember, I will take a picture of it once it is done.


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Sounds yummy. I'll have to try it.

Hope you remember to post a picture!

shelley said...

Sounds great! This will definately be on our list for the next week!

Janelle said...

Yes ma'am. This is a keeper!

Alana said...

Oh my, that looks and sounds WONDERFUL!

Pam said...

I can't wait to try this. YUM!

Sparky said...

Yummy! Once my kitchen is back up and running. I'll be sure to give this one a try.

Xandra said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. To sneak in a few veggies, I added carrots, celery and onions that had been cooked in the broth with the chicken and it was wonderful.

This recipe is destined to become a family favorite!

Pam said...

This was so good. I added cream cheese to mine. My family loved it.